Leyla Folwell

Artist Statement

My practice as an artist has become holistic. I am learning to look at my life as the art rather than the reverse. These recent projects are the result of my need for a physical element of self expression, which is not a need exclusive to artists but to all people. Children feel free to express themselves through play and crafts but sadly at some point most of us lose this unselfconscious liberation. Laying dormant for years, being satisfied with the endless supply of 'dummies' our consumer society lays in front of us, we often reawaken half way through our life as the reality of our mortality starts to murmur. What concerns me is: What do we miss in the mean time? What are the consequences of our absence?


Leyla Folwell is passionate about sharing the sensual experience of working with clay. Running workshops has become part of her own artistic practice, in which she studies people and their happiness. Her practice, which she describes as holistic, incorporates writing, drawing, photography, ceramics, print-making, origami and most importantly continual research in the human condition and theology. A graduate of Loughborough University in Ceramics in 2000, she has exhibited widely with her ceramics. Please get in touch for a detailed CV. In 2014 Folwell opened The Ceramic Studio & Gallery in Warwickshire with her Husband and agent, Bruno Dauvin.